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A girl is walking in the empty corridor, but something is wrong. She walks a little too fast, she's a little too hesitated. It's making her stumble, making her jump away from something you wont see. Almost as if she's haunted.

A shadow strikes by. A glance of a stranger she once knew everything about. She closes her eyes, walking faster, trying to escape, trying to get out of here. But it's all in her head you see, it's all just for her, almost as if she's haunted.

Voices, laughter, a secret promise so filled with love, she can hear it all far too well. But it's only a little girl, so defenseless, so scared, in this empty corridor. Alone but still with the presence of something, almost as if she's haunted.

But then the feeling of a hug hits her. It hits her hard, she has to run. Few steps in panic. A few steps before she collapses on the floor, no one is there, no one is near. Only the memory of something which used to bring such joy, such peace. Now it only brings pain, pain 'cause it's over, pain 'cause it can never happen again. But still it stays with her every moment of the day. The poor girl is haunted...
well... this... I.. I wrote it based on how I feel when I'm leaving someone or someone is leaving me, it has happened more than once that I've found myself in this kind of situation and so this was created. I haven't seen something like it and haven't written like this before so critique would be much appreciated :hug:
TearMeApartIDontCare Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
First off, I love the imagery. It really makes the poem pop out at you!

Secondly, I truly love this. I love the (almost) hidden meaning of the poem. To the plain eye, you'd think it's about ghosts, but really, it's about memories. (Right?)

Beautifully written!
Aifos96 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much for that awesome comment, and you're right, it is about her memories! :glomp:
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